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Foster Families Needed

Become a Foster and Save a Life!
Share your Home and Your Heart
with a Lab in Need
These amazing animals are sitting in shelters and boarding facilities waiting for a foster home and without Foster Families they are at risk.
You too can help and Feel Great Saving a Lab by Fostering them and providing the support, training, and love they need to find their forever family.
Contact us now at 619-819-0234,, or click here to learn more...


Sweet, handsome Guinness is the most perfect lab...and he needs your help! Sadly Guinness was on the list for euthanasia at a high kill shelter but thankfully, we at Labrador Rescuers were able to save him just in time. At 9 years young he loves playing fetch ~ His favorite toys are stuffed animals and of course tennis balls! He is currently in a foster home with his best bud, a blind lab and they do so well together. Unfortunately, Guinness has chronic fecal & urinary incontinence. An MRI revealed that he has pressure on his sacro-lumbar nerves which is causing his incontinence. Surgery is recommended as the only option to help Guinness live the long life he deserves. We're asking for donations so that Lab Rescuers can get Guinness the surgery he needs so he can be adopted to his forever family. Please help in any way you can - all donations are greatly appreciated and are tax-deductible.

I want to help Guinness

If you cannot Adopt: Foster
If you cannot Foster: Sponsor
If you cannot Sponsor: Volunteer
If you cannot Volunteer: Donate
If you cannot Donate: Educate, Network, Spread the Word



Meet Linus, a sweet boy who found himself at the shelter late last year. The staff and volunteers quickly fell in love with him and asked if LR would take him in and find him a forever home. He LOVES to play with balls and toys, and enjoys flopping over for belly rubs at any and every opportunity! He is a medium-sized lab, and a playful guy, and is housebroken and will go easily into a crate. He sleeps quietly through the night, and knows how to "sit". He is friendly with people and our older kids and teens, he may be a little too energetic with his play for very small kids, a family with no kids or older kids (10+) would probably be best. He's very affectionate and has seems to have one mood - happy!

Linus was diagnosed with hip dysplasia early this year and is currently recovering from orthopedic surgery. He is approximately halfway through 12 weeks of rehabilitation.

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