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Saturday, December 5
10 AM - 12 PM
3915 9th Ave, San Diego, CA 92103
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Lilly (sadly aka Little Foot) was turned into LR on 7/12/2015.

Lilly is a very beautiful, purebred Black Lab, 4 years old, who was turned in by a breeder, who could no longer afford her, and her mother and sisters. Lilly was adopted at a young age, but returned shortly afterwards, with no rear left foot. After consulting with specialists, it was determined that Lilly was likely born without a foot. It is calloused, but the nerve endings and/or sharp bone still cause her pain, and she will only gently tap the remaining part of her leg to the ground. Lilly has been living without a rear left foot for approximately 4 years, which has caused her body to become unbalanced, resulting in left front leg elbow dysplasia too.

We would like to help Lilly by getting her a prosthetic foot, so she can once again walk normally, like she did as a pup and, in addition, take the pressure off that elbow. This will require scans and possibly surgery to prepare the leg for the prosthesis.

If you can help by donating towards Lilly's care, Labrador Rescuers would be so very appreciative. Any $ donation will help.

She is just the sweetest, gentlest little girl. Let's help her run again, like she did once before.

Thank you for your help!

Labrador Rescuers, charity #42586 wishes to thank all of you who
are participants in the Combined Federal Campaign
for supporting rescue and shelter organizations throughout the United States.
You have saved countless rescue animals and helped them find loving forever homes.

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If you cannot Adopt: Foster
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If you cannot Sponsor: Volunteer
If you cannot Volunteer: Donate
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Foster Families Needed

Become a Foster and Save a Life!
Share your Home and Your Heart
with a Lab in Need
These amazing animals are sitting in shelters and boarding facilities waiting for a foster home and without Foster Families they are at risk.
You too can help and Feel Great Saving a Lab by Fostering them and providing the support, training, and love they need to find their forever family.
Contact us now at 619-819-0234,, or click here to learn more...

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