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Mookie   Status: Died or Euthanized (not adoptable)
ID: 1818   Animal's location: Labrador Rescuers
Breed: Labrador Retriever (mix)
Age:  14 years, 8 months        Gender:  Female
Size:    Color(s):  Black - (Unknown or N/A)
Altered: unknown or N/A  
Weight: 74 lbs   Tail: 
Other:   Coat: 
Description: Hi everyone. My name is Mookie and I hope you like my new photos. You know that a lady never likes to talk about her age, but I am going to break that rule for a minute because I need to tell you that I don't think I am as old as I look (my foster mom says I'm 12)! It looks like I have a lot of white on my face, but mostly that is "gray tweed" and part of my general coloring (it is also on my tummy and on my legs), a result of one of my parents not being a lab (but we won't talk about that!). I have lots of energy, although I am perfectly happy to nap at my foster mom's feet and I am in heaven when I get "fanny scratches" (mom thought fanny sounded better than butt!).

I enjoy time with my foster mom, but also enjoy lounging in the yard with my foster sisters. Speaking of my foster sisters--there are 2 of them--one who is 4 1/2 and one who is 11. We all get along beautifully, but sometimes when I meet new dogs I am nervous and bark when I shouldn't. That doesn't mean I don't like other dogs (you should see the GIANT one that comes to visit at our house!), just that I need proper introductions. There are no 2-legged kids living in our house, but I really like all the ones who have come to visit, or ones I see when mom takes me for my daily walks. Speaking of walking, I am so happy to be going for a walk that sometimes I pull a little on the leash, but after mom makes me sit and reminds me not to do that, I am fine.

I do have proper house manners, but I get very excited when it is time for meals. Then I like to dance and sing, but I know to sit nicely before I can start to eat. I'm not fussy about my food--I don't care what it is--just bring it on! When it comes to "commands", I do know sit, down, stay, come, wait, leave it, & heel, but mom says I sometimes have "selective hearing", whatever that means! I sleep on my bed through the night and don't get on the furniture (although my sisters do!). I must admit that I bark when strangers come to the house, but I do need to let mom know they are there! After all, she may not know them and not want them to come in, but if she does, she will tell me it is ok--then I get to meet them.

As much as I like living with my foster family, I would LOVE to have a permanent family of my own. It would be wonderful to have a brother or sister for company in a new home. And if my new parents were home most of the time, I would be in heaven. Please let someone from Lab Rescue know when you want to "get together".

If you are interested in adopting Mookie, click here to submit an Adoption Application.

Additional information:  *Housetrained   *Current on shots  

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