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Whiskey   Status: Adoptable (adoptable)
ID: 4221   Animal's location: Labrador Rescuers
Breed: Labrador Retriever-Australian Shepherd (mix)
Age:  6 years, 2 months        Gender:  Male
Size:    Color(s):  Chocolate - (Unknown or N/A)
Altered: yes  
Weight: 77 lbs   Tail: 
Other: * In addition to the adoption fee of $350, I will require a training deposit of $150 which is fully refundable upon completion of a training course.   Coat: 
Description: Introducing Whiskey, he was relinquished to the shelter by his owners after they had a baby and relocated him to the back yard. He reportedly kept jumping the fence and escaping to a kind neighbor's house who would reward him with treats before bringing him home.

Whiskey's foster mom is disappointed that she can't foster him longer, but she has a vacation planned so he is in need of a foster or forever home soon.

Here is what she has to say about this sweet boy!!

• He's very friendly and enjoys people.

• Gets excited when playing but calms quickly.

• He loves toys

• Corrects well once he knows what you want. Even though he is curious, he minds well.

• Settles into routine quickly

• A perfect mix between pleasure and rest

• Is a leaner and loves showing affection

• Loves to rest his head on your knee

• He's very smart and enjoys learning

• Due to his periodic love for exuberant play and his size, older children would be best.

• Quickly learned the correct spot for potty breaks

• Loves to drop the soccer ball at your feet. He seems to like soccer more than fetch. He knows sit, give me your paw, get your ball (he’ll bring it to you but rarely drops it without a trade), and Eh-Eh (No!)

Fully house trained (No accidents even when he was left to roam the house all night while we slept. This was before crate training began.)

Commands and other things he’s learning:

Sit with implied stay

Sit with implied stay with door open and on leash before a walk

He doesn't seem to like the water (bath time), and could use additional training on leash walks, but he's non reactive to passing dogs, only cats and squirrels. He settles on leash and stops pulling about 10 minutes into the walk. He has some anxiety when left alone, but his foster has began to teach him that his crate is his safe zone and has began exercises that are helping him adjust. She periodically separates him while she is home such as allowing him to watch her cook through the sliding glass door. He is still not relaxed in the crate while his people are away, but it's only been a week and he has improved rather quickly.

He's highly intelligent and enjoys learning new things and loves puzzles like the Kong.

He loves to play but he’s also mellow most of the day when his foster mom is mellow. His foster mom says that he is one >b>WONDERFUL boy! He’s a young adult that has a lot of energy when necessary...such as long walks but has the manners of a gentleman.

If you would like to meet Whiskey, visit the Adoption Info page to submit an application.

Additional information:  *Housetrained   *Current on shots  

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