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Shadow   Status: Adoptable (adoptable)
ID: 4222   Animal's location: Labrador Rescuers
Breed: Labrador Retriever (purebred)
Age:  7 years, 2 months        Gender:  Female
Size:    Color(s):  Black - (Unknown or N/A)
Altered: yes  
Weight: 69 lbs   Tail: 
Other:   Coat: 

4/17/17 First update on Shadow since going into foster care 3/14/17. Shadow has been in my care since mid March. She is my first foster dogie. She has come a long way and made great accomplishments both mentally and physically, and happily. She was hesitant about using the doggie door to the back yard but has just about mastered that one. Eating was a big problem, would turn her nose up at just about everything, dry dog food (tried a variety), mixed dry and wet (tried a variety of that too), wet food only, you know the story. I would guess she was eating about a cup of food a day and finally submitted to giving her a premium Costco biscuit supplement for a couple of days until I could figure this out..the bones were actually the best I could do to give her some nourishment. However, only a week ago, I gave her left overís of chicken, cooked carrots and green beans, and rice, and she loved it! So now she is eating dry dog food, mixed with chicken broth. Gobbles it up twice a day without hesitation! I wonder if she was a table scrap eater. So solved the doggie door and food issues. She is on one oral medicine a day, Ĺ tablet dog ibuprofen two times a day, easily administered in her food dish. Once a week a bath in medicated shampoo to treat her hair loss on her rear, which is now growing back. Her coat for the most part is thick and shinny. She has two other medicines from a recent vet visit I made but am not using them, one for pain in case she needs it for her hip (one instance she moaned in pain getting upÖbut not since. The ibuprofen is really helping), and an antihistamine for itching which she is not so donít use. One unsolved problem is on her belly area are a couple of sores that have not healed because she licks them and the vet gave me some ointment and head cone. Due to the fact I was desperate to get her trained on the doggy door I have postponed using either, but will attempt again soon. Shadow gets along with my other senior lab and dachshund, but not like cuddly best friends. I recently lost my yellow lab and my dogs still miss her so tend to comfort one another. Shadow loves me, follows me around, wonít let me out of her sight for long and wiggles and is excited when I come home. I am at home most of time. She is not a nuisance barker, just general dog stuff and her bark is deep. Shadow looks older than she is. Her face and neck are gray, and her paws are as well, but I (and the vet agreed) that she may have a bit of another breed in her as her paws are a bit spotty, vs. gray from age. The two vets she has seen both set her age at 7, after looking at her white teeth and healthy eyes. She likes to chew on bones tennis balls, and occasionally toss. She is good at staying in the yard while Iím out front (the back is fenced). At first she liked to lie in the cool soil, but put an end to that with a cover over it. Likes warm baths but doing outside because I canít get her in the tub. I also canít lift her into the SUV tailgate alone, but she prefers that vs. back seat if she had a choice. She sleeps on a blanket with a pillow in the living room and at night sleeps very well on a dog bed in my bedroom with other dogs, and greets me happily in the morning. Sheís learned not to disturb me and wake me up too early. Iíve noticed with her improved appetite she is more active and likes her full tummy and feels good! Gone on walks and she did like it, did well on leash, didnít pull. Still determining her abilities and seems like she would be ready for more walking now. What else can I say, sheís lovable, cocks her head sideways, puts her head in her pillow upside down, very cute and of course looks at you with those beautiful brown eyes! Oh, she won't set foot in the kitchen, even if coaxing with dog bones. I love her and you will too. Original input: Shadow was turned into a shelter following the death of her owner. She was depressed and lying on the floor of the kennel floor. Being removed from her home and dumped at a shelter clearly traumatized her. When brought out of her kennel, she put her head down to the floor and made no eye contact with our volunteer. She was completely shut down. Sadly she hasn't had the best of care, perhaps her owner was ill and unable to provide for her properly. She was filthy and is missing hair on her back and other areas. She thoroughly enjoyed a warm bath and is now happily sleeping on a dog bed. We think she is beautiful now and will be even more so when her fur grows back!

Additional information:  *Housetrained   *Current on shots  

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