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Milo-Adoption Pending   Status: Adoptable (adoptable)
ID: 4383   Animal's location: Labrador Rescuers
Breed: Chocolate Labrador Retriever (purebred)
Age:  16 weeks        Gender:  Male
Size:    Color(s):  Chocolate - (Unknown or N/A)
Altered: no  
Weight: 31 pounds   Tail: 
Other: * In addition to the adoption donation fee of $450, I require a fully refundable training deposit of $150.   Coat: 
Description: Milo, is a beautiful purebred choc lab boy, he was rushed to the vets with a severe case of Bloat, the vets reached out to LR to help him and he underwent surgery within 30 minutes and is now on the road to recovery. When he is healed he will be looking for a forever home.

Milo has been allowed to play with the other dogs and is very enthusiastic in his play. He likes the other dogs in the home ranging in age from 6 months to 13.5 years. He continues to be mouthy, knows sit, is learning down, jumps on people and other dogs. He is a normal silly puppy.

Milo will always need to be fed 3 smaller meals a day instead of the usual 2 from a slow feeder bowl. It is very unusual for a puppy so young to have bloat. He is at higher than normal risk of having another incident in his life. He will need to be watched for a distended belly, vomiting and other signs of discomfort. His stomach will not twist as it has been anchored, but he would need medical attention if he bloats so the pressure can be reduced in his stomach. On Temporary Medical Hold recovering from Bloat.

Additional information:  *Current on shots  

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