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Prince Harry   Status: Adoptable (adoptable)
ID: 4399   Animal's location: Labrador Rescuers
Breed: Yellow Labrador Retriever (purebred)
Age:  7 years        Gender:  Male
Size:    Color(s):  Yellow - (Unknown or N/A)
Altered: yes  
Weight: 69 lbs   Tail: 
Other: * In addition to the adoption donation fee of $300, I require a fully refundable training deposit of $150.   Coat: 
Description: Prince Harry, is a beautiful purebred boy who somehow ended up in a high kill Inland Empire shelter, he had a chip the owners were informed but they did not come for him.

He is an awesome boy he rides great in the car and is a sweetie great around other dogs and just wants to be your BFF.

Foster update:

Prince Harry is a handsome, athletic and sweet boy. He has been with me for only a few days, but so far I know that he loves playing ball, he loves to swim, and he loves humans.

Harry likes to gather toys, and any teddy bears or pillows he can find around the house. He chews on Kongs and is a big fan of Kong squeaky balls. He particularly loves fetch and at the park will seek out anyone willing to throw a ball. And hes a water dog. He seemed so easy going and attentive I took him to the beach right away. He was in dog heaven, running, skipping and belly flopping into the water. It was so nice to see him have such fun. He loved to swim and play fetchin fact at one point he spied the buoys in the middle of the bay and looked like he wanted to retrieve THEM! Luckily he exercised good judgment on that one. He also loves affection and is a real cuddler. He enjoys resting his head on laps and reminding you to pet him with nose nudges.

He sleeps nicely throughout the night on the floor. He has gotten a tad more comfortable and has hopped up onto the bed to test the limits. With some coaxing he gets down and goes to his bed again. He walks well on a leash and is responsive to recall. He seems to know sit but would love to learn other commands.

He has absolutely zero aggression. Hes been to the park or the beach almost every day and is calm with all dogs, completely ignoring aggressive ones. He doesnt care if anyone, including another dog, touches his food. Hed much rather be next to his human. After much coaxing from my 1 year old lab, he plays very well and gently with her, but would also do quite well as an only dog and best pal to his human.

The fact that he is not food driven may explain his svelte physique-no overeating issues here! Hes tall, lean and gorgeous! He also seemed to approach my cats gently and does not seem to be a chaser.

Now for what Prince Harry does NOT like. He does not like crates. Hes a little scared of crates, the car, and the outside. Perhaps his trip to the pound is still on his mind. He is getting better with the car now that he sees that the car goes to fun places with balls and water! And he is started to trust that coming outside is not a bad thing. Im not sure he will ever love the crate, but the few times hes been in a crate, once hes in he does not whine or bark. In fact he hasnt whined or barked at all! He has also had a few indoor accidents. The first few hours it seems he was anxious and marking his new digs to make it his own. He had a no. 2 accident because hes a little fearful of going outside by himself. I think he just needs to get to know the routine and where to go.

One last thing- he seems to connect especially well with men.

So far, Prince Harry is one royally cool dog!

Additional information:  *Current on shots  

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