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Amos   Status: Adoptable (adoptable)
ID: 4416   Animal's location: Labrador Rescuers
Breed: Labrador Retriever-Coonhound (mix)
Age:  6 years, 9 months        Gender:  Male
Size:    Color(s):  Black - Brown
Comments: Brindle
Altered: yes  
Weight: 70 lbs   Tail: 
Other: **In addition to the adoption donation fee of $350, I require a $150 refundable training deposit to make sure I get off to a great start with my new owners!   Coat: 

update 9/1/18 Amos has a autoimmune disorder called Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia, IMHA for short. This is an autoimmune disease in which his own immune system attacks and destroys his red blood cells that are being produced. Amos has idiopathic (primary) IMHA. Amos is happy and healthy right now, but will need a family that will be able to monitor and support his lifelong condition. Please consider giving Amos a wonderful home!

update 6/7/18

Have you all heard yet??? Amos is AMAZING. I mean seriously AMAZING.

Amos has been with us here at the Anderson homestead for two weeks now, and here is what we have learned about him: -Amos is velcro, he loves to be right next to you, preferably touching you, he respects that he is not allowed on our bed, but he sleeps on the floor right next to the bed, so when we get up and don't look, we will step on him. -As velcro as he is, he has ZERO separation anxiety and can be trusted alone in the house, and we work full time, so 6-8 hours is fine as long as he has outdoor access. He does not counter surf or destruct. -Amos is fine with other dogs. He actually will give them kisses, and he shares the PB spoon or yogurt container with them with NO ISSUES. He plays ball alongside Georgia without an issue. We have not brought any toys out. -Amos is stubborn, he is 100% hound dog. He is absolutely willful when he wants something, whether it is to get on the couch or to beg, or to not go to his place, or protesting a bath. He will test his new owners. They will need to understand that if he is given an inch he will try to take over. -Amos is great with kids. We had family over the weekend, including 2-10 year old kids. He was at ease with them and did wonderful. -He does not bark incessantly . He actually barks very seldom. He will hound dog bark at the postman, and he did whensomeone came down our driveway in his big truck. Other than that, he does not bark. -He loves to ride in the car, and is a gem. He loves walks, he is great on the leash, preferring to stroll than to power walk. -I am not sure about prey drive- this morning he did tear out towards something, but it was probably a bunny. He would need to be cat tested. -Amos has not had 1 accident in the house, he learned the doggie doors day one. Amos is VERY SMART and VERY TRAINABLE! -Amos LOVES to walk us out to our cars when we leave for work or to leave the house- at first we were concerned that he might try to escape or bark....but NOPE, he just walks us out, says goodbye and then goes right back inside thru the doggie doors. He is usually the first one to greet when I get home! I think that Amos is wonderful and deserves to find a great home that will cherish him in all his quirky houndish ways. He is a beaut, and looks great in a bandana!

Amos was relinquished because his owner had to move to a care facility. He may be part Blue Tick Hound or another type of hound dog. He is a good looking, sweet natured boy...knows sit, down, stay and leave it. He enjoys going for car rides. He will give you kisses too. He has a strong food drive so he is easy to a good boy that would enjoy an owner that he can look up to. He is very friendly with people and met several dogs at the dog park including an intact male pit, and a high energy Husky. He would love to find his very own home with an owner that will continue his training to make him the best boy he can be.

If you would like to meet Amos, visit the Adoption Info page to submit an application.

Additional information:  *Housetrained   *Special needs   *Current on shots  

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