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A special section dedicated to all the dogs who have left a lasting impression.

For a donation of $25, Labrador Rescuers will post a photo and epitaph of your beloved dog (mixed breeds welcome) on our web site. Photo must be provided in digital format (.jpg or .tiff). Epitaph is limited to 150 words and must be in electronic format.

Please call (619) 819-0234 or email

In loving memory of : Chip

Dedicated by:
Mike and Mary Brogdon

Chip was our first Foster with Labrador Rescuers and was a stray from the South Bay Area of San Diego. When he was rescued, Chip was very thin, had two large abscesses on his rear, his coat had an orange color from too much sun and was sick from a tick related disease. Chip was on the small side and was considered a "Pocket Labrador." Chip was a little dog selective at first and had to attend doggie day camp at Markim for a few weeks. When we picked up Chip, I cried when I first saw him. I thought look at this poor, neglected guy and how can someone treat a dog like that. Chip jumped into the back of our car and I watched him in the rear view mirror as we drove home. I continued to shed a few tears as we drove and I could swear he was smiling. I would have loved if he could tell us what he was thinking as we drove home.

Chip settled into our routine with ease and we worked with him on his dog selective issues. Chip did not like the water, playing fetch or playing with other dogs, but he loved to go for walks. Over time, Chip accepted the revolving door of Foster dogs and we adopted him after fostering him for about four months. Chip was great on leash and very obedient. I know some of of the other Foster dogs learned leash manners quicker with Chip acting as a leader. After we had Chip for about three years he was diagnosed with Cushings disease. The disease took its toll and it was tough for us to see him falter. Chip was my walking buddy and we logged a lot of miles around the Santee Lakes and Cowles Mountain. We miss our buddy dearly, but know he is running free in Dog Heaven. We'll see you soon Chip and we can go for those long walks again.

In loving memory of : Buddy

Dedicated by:
Dennis & Shirley Chamberland

It is with a broken heart that I must report we lost our dear sweet Buddy-boy Sunday night.

We (me, Kelly and Buddy) were on our afternoon walk when he began having difficulty breathing. I carried him home where we monitored him thru the early evening and, while his ability to take in air improved and he was breathing much better, we decided to take him to Urgent Care, and my boy didn’t make it.

Thank you for bringing Buddy into our lives, we are forever grateful - he was deeply loved everyday. Now he’s off enjoying those never-ending car rides he loved so much!

In loving memory of : Shayna

Dedicated by:
The Gross Family

When Shayna came to us, she was sick and depressed and missing half her fur. Barely one year old, she'd already had at least one litter of puppies. It appeared she was still nursing when she was ripped away from them, and thrown like a piece of garbage into a high kill shelter where she would certainly have died if it not for Lab Rescuers.

We nursed our sweet baby until she bloomed like a beautiful flower. People would comment on her gorgeous shiny fur, her incredibly sweet and gentle disposition. As a canine ambassador for the SPCA, she went to classrooms where little children poked, prodded and petted her while she sprawled on her back, waiting for more love.

She never barked, growled or snapped at a human. She greeted other dogs with kisses and a wagging tail.
Strong, stoic and utterly devoted until the very end, our hearts broke when we had to let her go - far too young. We miss her every single day.

In loving memory of : Murphy "Doo Doo" Dog

Dedicated by:
The Dorocak Family

Our beloved Murphy "Doo Doo" (our baby's nickname) went to doggy heaven on May 21, 2016. We rescued Murphy (or he rescued us) from Labrador Rescuers of San Diego after the 2007 San Diego wildfires when Jonathan was in kindergarten.

Young Murphy loved playing fetch and running with Jonathan in our neighborhood or at the beach. Murphy was a good protector and loving family dog, who was also our "Floor Cleaner," sous chef, and barking security alarm system. He was a food thief, devouring the kids' Easter baskets, Thanksgiving pies, and Christmas cookies.

Murphy was a good dog and we miss him dearly.

In memory of : Abel

Dedicated by:
Susan Mohr

Abel went to his final rest last Monday, March 28, 2016.

Abel was the sweetest, most gentlemanly dog you could ever meet. He had a very beautiful, gentle heart. Definitely abused as he still completely 'caved' in certain situations, but after some time, ran free, pranced, and jumped for joy at the dog park every day. So beautiful to watch. I had the privilege of being Abel's mom and spending the last years of his life with him and seeing him so happy. I adored him. He was very loved, by many people

Rest in Peace, Sweet Abel

In memory of : Paddee

Dedicated by:
Janise Burford

Paddee is the sweetest, most devoted, intelligent companion EVER!! She has brought my parents great joy in their elder years. Up until last year she accompanied them on RV trips with plenty of fun, swimming, hiking and love. She stood by them with a wagging tail and a smile and helped them transition to a dog friendly, assisted living apartment. She has charmed all of the senior residents at the facility making friends with everyone and keeping my parent's spirits up . This loss is beyond words. "Paddee, If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever. You will always be in our hearts."

In memory of : Joey

Dedicated by:
Joey's Mom and Chris

In loving memory of my little angel Joey -- you are the sweetest little baby boy, with the kindest eyes that I have ever seen. You are missed every second of every day. I don’t know how to live without you, not a second goes by that I don’t think of you. The day you left and went to heaven you took my heart with you. I did not see you close your eyes or hear your last sigh. I only heard that you were gone, too late to say goodbye. Rest in peace little prince Joey -- my little toasted coconut. You are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure. A heart of Gold stopped beating, two shining eyes at rest. God broke our hearts to prove, He only takes the best. Unknown Psalm 34:18 The Lord is near to the broken hearted and saves the crushed in spirit.

In memory of : Shawnee

Dedicated by:
Fern Steiner

This is Shawnee, a lab rescue dog, who died on December 1, 2013 at the age of 15. She loved to walk and hike. She was a challenge when I adopted her not having been socialized, trained and abused. She was brought into an animal hospital at 4 weeks, abused and someone in the hospital adopted her. That person got sick and could not take care of her but did not give her up for some time. She was very aggressive and needed a lot of training and patience. But she was smart, wanted to please and she loved her new life. She was a wonderful dog who I will miss.

In memory of : Zack

Dedicated by:
Anne Deffebach

Zack went to Rainbow Bridge February 22nd. I've never had a dog make such a profound imprint on my heart as he did in such a short time. Unconditional love....I would just walk past him in a room while he was napping, and my footsteps would make him wag his tail. He was the only dog I have ever seen wag his tail back and forth, and also in a always made me laugh. I am happy that the last ten months of his life was in a warm home with people who loved him. sweetheart Lab....we miss you.

In memory of : Nolo

Dedicated by:
Shirley Harshman, Catherine Morris and Ruth Morris, his “Bond” girls

We called him Bond—Nolo Bond. He was streetwise and had facial scars to prove it. He was underweight. An open wound on one leg would take 1 ½ years to heal. Nolo was a 9 year old proven survivor. He spent weeks in medical care with only daily outings.

When his health improved, Nolo was fostered by a dear friend whose mom fell in love with Nolo--as all the ladies did. She became his “forever” home and Nolo her prince. He transformed into a real charmer—basking in all that affection he had missed in his early years. He’d entertain passersby from the patio gate, and flirt with the neighborhood girls. He always maintained a certain aloofness—seemingly knowing more than we all did. We began to make up “Bond” stories to go with his demeanor. Nolo loved his forever home. We, his “extended” family, were blessed to spend many hours with this rascally, curious, smart dog that emerged from the shadows of life on the street. Godspeed, Nolo Bond.

In memory of : Solomon

Dedicated by:
Angela Larson and Heike Maglaque

Solomon was found as a stray, which, given his physical condition, seemed particularly cruel. Solomon was with LR and our family for far too short a time. However, in that time, he taught us so very many important and lasting lessons. Although only about nine years of age, Solomon had extreme difficulty walking, often faltering and collapsing after only a few steps, the result of extreme neglect and surgery he needed all his life but was denied. But Solomon's tenacity, and his dedication to the completion of each step, was indeed a marvel to behold. We had the privilege of bearing witness to these steps, and his footprints left a lasting impression on our hearts.

Dear Solomon, we will always miss you terribly.

In memory of : Bella

Dedicated by:
Sharmon and Daren Kinser

Bella was a beautiful, happy soul who was one hour from being put down when Lab Rescuers saved her life. She was in such bad shape when she was pulled from the shelter that they gave her an age range from 4-8 years old. When we adopted her, on January 28, 2006, she was grossly underweight, had a severe skin fungus, rotten teeth, huge calluses on her butt and legs and several fused vertebrae. It was clear she had been severely neglected and spend the first part of her life outside on cement. Despite the fact that she lived her entire life with arthritic pain and discomfort, she never complained. In fact, she was an amazingly happy and kind-hearted dog. She was tough, sassy, and tenacious and she embraced everyday with a positive attitude and a sense of humor. Her tail never stopped wagging and twirling and people would often ask, “Is she always that happy?” and we would say, “Yes, always!” She was a Canine Good Citizen and therapy dog for the City of La Mesa. We made monthly visits to the California Special Care Center and she brought so much happiness to the residents we visited. She has her wings now and can finally run, play, and live the pain free life she has always deserved. May her tail twirl and feet dance forever in heaven. Bella, we love you! You will never be forgotten and will forever be in our hearts.

In memory of : Annie

Dedicated by:
Heike Maglaque

Annie came into our lives as a 9 week old puppy just days after we had suffered a devastating loss. For almost 14 years, she gave our family so much unconditional love, joy, and happiness - she will forever hold a special place in our hearts. Annie lived in the US as well as in Germany with us but was certainly happiest in San Diego where the warm temperatures made her arthritis easier to bear. She loved going to Del Mar beach and romped in the water for hours. Over the years, Annie dealt with numerous medical issues but with the help of her favorite vet, Dr. Lamoree was able to enjoy life every day even in her final months. We will always remember our Queen Ann(i)e as the smartest and most independent lab we've ever had the pleasure of sharing our lives with. Annie was an "only dog" kind of gal but took the incoming foster dogs in stride...they all knew she was the Queen. Annie my love we miss you every day.

In memory of : Roman

Dedicated by:
Kathy Szeyller and Calleen Farrell

It has been almost 1 year since our sweet, sweet Roman died on a Thursday afternoon. I have tried many times to write this, but could never get through it. As quickly and as unexpectedly as he came into our lives, just as suddenly he was gone. We only had him for 6 weeks, but in that short time he was such a JOY. When I say he loved EVERYONE I mean HE LOVED EVERYONE! And everyone loved him right back! From Cheri (who sprang him from the shelter) to Hugh and Karin, his foster family, there was not one person who did not think he was something special. And he was!
Together in those 6 weeks we planted flowers, painted a new gazebo, built a fence, cleaned the pool, mowed the lawn, and just hung out! He was wherever we were; either on his pillow or lying in the grass beside us as we worked. I still think of him whenever I am under the gazebo. Someday we will meet each other again; only I know we will have to get in line along with all the others who loved and cared for him, and who also want to hug him again. He was that kind of dog. We miss you and love you Roman. You will never be forgotten.

Love, Kathy and Calleen

Learn more about bloat at:
Pet MD - Bloat or Stomach Dilatation in Dogs
VetLIVE - Bloat and GDV Prevention

In memory of : Bullwinkle

Dedicated by:
William, Lynn and Arnold Villone

Bullwinkle came to our family 5 years ago from lab rescue. He was always full of energy; stealing our shoes and pretending he was a seal by rubbing face first onto the deck or grass. He walked in several animal walks and went to several dog days of summer Padres games and was the belle of the ball. Our boy was so handsome the way he would strut his stuff and the kindest, most lovable dog a family could ask for. He survived several cancers, diabetes and blindness and lived over a year after being diagnosed with a tumor on his belly. He finally crossed the rainbow bridge to be with his predecessor, Porthos on March 17th, 2012. He was truly a Miracle dog and he will be missed much by us. We love you Bully!

In memory of : Joey

Dedicated by:
Enid Richey

When I spotted Joey at an Inland Empire shelter in November 2006, I knew he was a special boy. There he was in a crowded kennel, playing with and enjoying his kennel mates. Joey was meant to be a foster for Lab Rescuers, but I quickly joined the 'failed foster's club' as he worked his way into my heart. He has been glued to me ever since, always under foot looking at me with such loving eyes. In November 2010, Joey was diagnosed with mast cell cancer. Under holistic and traditional care, he managed to continue a quality life until February 18, 2012, when he grew tired and weak and needed to say goodbye. He will always be my beloved lab and is terribly missed by his golden retriever brother Luke and golden mix sister Maggie. In my heart he will always remain, as he embarks on his next adventure....

In memory of : Oliver

Dedicated by:
Susan Fisher and Catherine Morris

Oliver was supposed to fly to a new home in North Carolina. Once pulled from the shelter this 14 year old was clearly in no shape to fly. He had terrible spinal arthritis and nerve issues, was so skinny every rib showed, he walked strangely, could not lift his tail up and acted spacey. His coat was dirty, bleached out and dull. Ollie was in a really sad condition. Catherine an LR volunteer offered to keep Ollie for the rest of his life expected to be only another month or two. Ollie was put on medication and ate whatever he wanted. Ollie could down 35 ounces of food at each feeding, but never gained weight. Ollie arrived at 50 lbs., left at 49 lbs. After a couple of months the spaciness improved, his coat became very shiny and silky, and he perked up. Ollie had the sweetest face and demeanor, never pushy or barky EXCEPT when his meals were late. Even then, he remained a gentleman. Ollie never caused any problems, just followed Catherine around and liked to lay in the sun and sleep. Suddenly, after 7 months Ollie started coughing and was diagnosed in heart failure. Thanks to LR and Catherine, Oliver was loved and cherished. He was not forgotten. That is Oliver’s story, may his strong little soul enjoy the peace he has so earned on this planet.

In memory of : Baxter

Dedicated by:
Susan Fisher and Catherine Morris

Baxter, a very sweet 7-8 year old gent was rescued by Lab Rescue with medical issues and became one of LR’s Lifeboat Dogs. He was a smaller black Labrador at 50 pounds who liked nothing better than to give and receive love. He would put his head in your lap to get extra attention. His foster reported Baxter may break the land speed record for tail wagging--it NEVER stopped and moved so fast! Baxter had necroptic tissue in his penis area and was dripping urine in the shelter. He had surgery to correct that and his condition improved. However, Baxter was also diagnosed with an untreatable form of cancer, and was given 6-12 months to live. He spent his remaining days in the loving care of his foster, in good spirits, bright, alert and eating and drinking well. Baxter was a real trooper, never complained and was just happy all the time. He was finally laid to rest with his buddies in August 2011.

In memory of : Jake

Dedicated by:
Sharmon and Daren Kinser

Our first Labrador Rescuers volunteer duty, on August 30, 2008, was to walk a dog in boarding. That dog was Jake, an 8 year old, gentle giant, who we ended up walking straight home with us. He immediately fit into our pack, like he had always been with us. From the minute he came into our lives, we could not imagine life without him. He was so perfect in every way.

Jake was a sweet and gentle soul who captured the heart of everyone he met. He was a professional cuddler, a champion lizard hunter, a silly heart, and a very special friend and family member who made us smile and laugh everyday. We count him as one of our greatest blessings and although we wish we had many more years with him, we are so very thankful for every moment he was in our lives. He was pure joy and left us with nothing but wonderful memories. The 3 years we had with him changed our lives forever and we miss him so much it hurts. Jake, you will be forever loved, deeply missed, and never replaced. You are forever in our hearts, sweet boy.

In memory of : Barbie

Dedicated by:
Tammie Johnson

Dear, sweet, gorgeously blonde and long-legged Barbie. You came to LR as a stray at age 4. You had medical issues and a need to be “glued” to your people. But you were a kind, gentle, delicate giant of a dog. LR resolved the medical issues, helped you work through some behavioral ones with professional training, and found a wonderful foster dad who loved you as much as you loved him. You were receiving very special treatment for your extreme separation anxiety when a medical issue—bloat—became the final issue of your all-too-short life. Everyone who came in contact with you loved you, and just wanted your life to be as happy as possible. We weep at your loss dear Barbie, and envision you running gleefully with other large dogs, finding the peace that eluded you here, on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.

In memory of : Kobe

Dedicated by:
Nikki King

Dear, sweet Kobe came to Lab Rescuers late in his life as an owner turn in; actually by a concerned neighbor. He had been neglected and a tumor allowed to grow and hinder his walking. The kind people at Lab Rescuers took him in and scheduled his surgery. He even had a foster home to go to with 3 white Labbie sisters to be loved forever. Sadly, his forever was cut short and he died one day after surgery. He shall be remembered and loved as a sweet soul who deserved a better end to his 12 years of life. Rest in peace sweet boy.

In memory of : Riley

Dedicated by:
Leslie and Ken Smith
Scott Ferguson

We adopted our dog, Riley, just before Thanksgiving 2007. He was so happy to have a forever home and he was the most well-behaved dog when we had almost 20 people over for the holiday. That's pretty amazing given that he had just been in our home a few days. He just craved the attention. He was a curious, funny dog who loved life. He was always by my side while I worked.

We had to let Riley go on Memorial Day, May 30, 2011. Fifteen months earlier he had a grand mal seizure at the vet's office. He had two more a couple of days later and we rushed him to the Veterinary Specialty Hospital to help stop the seizures. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor. He took the whole illness in stride and worked so hard to please us and keep going. But, in the end, it was too much for him.

We only had a short 3 1/2 years with him, but he will be in our hearts forever. Thank you to Lab Rescuers for bringing us together.

In memory of : Utley

Dedicated by:
Preston "Mike" Burris for Lee Burris and family

Utley came into our lives in 1998. One look into those eyes and you could see right to his soul. He was instantly my shadow and best friend. Its hard to find the words to describe that "once in a lifetime dog", but if there was ever such thing as the perfect dog, he was it. I knew his every move and he knew mine. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week we were in work and play. Utley spent his days with his family, mostly in the water and chasing tennis balls until he curled up comfortably at night on his bed after making his nightly routine "goodnights". Utley lost a battle with a ruptured tumor in March of 2011 and has been missed every minute since. I love you "Big Rut" go play. ~Daddy (written by Lee Burris)

In memory of : Baxter

Dedicated by:
Heike Maglaque

We rescued Baxter in 2005 at the age of 7. Despite suffering from severe hip dysplasia and arthritis he was such a happy dog who loved his belly rubs and staying close to his family and Annie. In 2007, Baxter got two total hip replacements that enabled him to do all the doggy things he couldn't do before. He lived for his swimming sessions at Cutting Edge K9 and the trips to the beach! Baxter was diagnosed with lymphoma just weeks ago but we kept him comfortable and pain free until he crossed the rainbow bridge at his home with the help of Dr. Lamoree and Loree. Baxter and his older sister Sable are finally together again!

In memory of : Sable

Dedicated by:
Heike Maglaque

Sable came to us in September 2009 at the tender age of 12+ as our senior lab foster but I adopted her soon after. Despite her numerous orthopedic and emotional traumas, she was a beautiful old lady, full of spunk and a real fighter.

Sable became best friends with our two labs Baxter (11) and Annie (12). Night and day, Sable followed Baxter around no matter where he went and only two weeks after she came to us, Sable started greeting the family members at the door together with our two other labs!!

We showered her with love, pain meds, and good food and she loved us back every day! Sable crossed the rainbow bridge in my arms on April 27 after suffering three debilitating seizures. We couldn’t save Sable but we gave her the best 7 months of her life, we miss you so much little Sable girl.

In memory of : Peanut

Dedicated by:
Susan Fischer
and Lisa Peck

Peanut came into LR looking for a new home, however because of his past neglect and mistreatment Peanut was not able to adjust and feel comfortable in a forever home. LR volunteers loved Peanut and did what they could to make him cherished and accepted but it was not meant to be.

As LR volunteers we strive to save all of the dogs we rescue but due to circumstance sometimes this outcome is impossible.

To you Peanut, we are sorry, we loved you and we will see you again.

In memory of : Chuckie

Dedicated by:
Tiffany Bagalini

In 2007 after losing our 15 year old lab Sinjin, my family decided to give a senior dog a home. That’s when we found Lab Rescuers and Chuckie. Knowing, as an older dog Chuckie’s chances of adoption were slim, we decided to see if he was a good fit for us. After a few short days we knew Chuckie was ours.

Most days Chuckie could be found in the office of Crystal Pier Hotel or out roaming the Pier, hoping for a handout.

At age 11 we recently lost Chuckie to cancer and though we only had him for 3 short years, the pain of his loss in no less then that of our beloved Sinjin.

Chuckie was a loving and loyal member of the family and we are grateful for the all too short time we had with him.

In memory of :
Arthur Binks

Dedicated by:
Jenn and Chris DeWeese

Arthur Binks became our foster dog in October 2008. Little did we know that he would be our forever foster from that day on.

Arthur had big brown expressive eyes, the spirit of a puppy and a smile that could brighten anyone’s day. He was an all around goofball that loved to chase tennis balls or just hold one...or two in his mouth. Arthur was joyful, loving, and gentle and we know that in his heart he was grateful to have been rescued.

We will never understand how someone could leave him at the shelter in his senior years. We often wonder if the dogs that are abandoned were ever loved before they are rescued. We wondered the same about Arthur. All we know for sure is that he was loved by us for the 15 months we had him as our foster. We hope it was enough for a lifetime. Thank you for all the smiles, Big Boy! We miss you.

In memory of : Cortez

Dedicated by:
Mary Majors

Dear Cortez,

Thank you for being such a good dog and great friend to me. We had so much fun during our years together. You made the good times twice as good, and the hard times easier to get through just by being with me. You’ve taught me several important lessons:

-Be open to everyone and expect the best; most times you won’t be disappointed
-Embrace adventure and new experiences
-As long as the pack is together, everything is okay
-Live in the present; be happy in the moment

Most of all you gave me the gift of unconditional love. If I have learned this even half as well as you, I will be better person. I will forever be grateful for our time together. It was an honor to be your owner. I miss you buddy.

In memory of : Caty

Dedicated by:
Meredith Vezina

Caty came into our lives for just a short while but while she was with us, she brightened our days more than we can say.

Caty always woke with the sun, and every morning when we came downstairs, she would gallop to greet us.

She was convinced that food was created especially for her and she celebrated every meal with an excited dance. Our girl also loved walking. Even when she began to tire, she didn’t like to turn around to return home, and if she could find a detour on the way back, she would always try to add just a few minutes more.

We will always wish we could have had a few minutes more with Caty, but if there is a doggy heaven, we know she is bringing smiles to one and all.

In memory of : Bordeaux

Dedicated by:
Saleena, Shaun, Joseph, Indie and Sophie

Dear Bordeaux:

My sister always dreamed of having a chocolate lab and you made her dreams come true. You were 13, maybe 14 (we think) and the bad bully of cancer took over. You were such a trooper and even giving kisses at the end. We are grateful for your time with our family for more than a decade. You needed a home just when my sister needed you. We wish you well on your next journey and we thank you for taking care of my sister. It is from you that we have learned about true love and never-ending optimism-traits that humans seek all their lives. We are also grateful to those that took care of you in your last few days and so happy that you were able to come home and be with your family beside you until the end.

We love you Bordeaux.

In Memory of:

Dedicated by:
Joanne, Scott, Maggie and Rosie Fountain

Northern California born--the smallest, whitest of her litter. So beautiful was she, with angel wings and white eyelashes. After two puppy-hell years, psychiatric sessions, chewed walls, electrical cords and couch arms,she settled in as the perfect dog. Certified therapy pet, she visited assisted living facilities, earning her Alzheimer's special designation.Everyone loved her. She became mom's shadow. always company on the toilet and audience in the shower. Her tail hitting furniture woke us every morning. She snarfled food, bit your fingers taking biscuits and devoured water...her head resting on the chair rung during dinner, waiting her turnfor scraps. She was always sitting right where you needed to be; we were constantly leaping over her. She loved grazing on grass, playing with her sisters, and giving kisses with love bites. Mostly she loved being with her mom, following her everywhere, indoors, outdoors...always just a paw away.Forever my pumpkin girl.

In Memory of:

Dedicated by:
The Schell Family

"Dogs are our link to paradise. They don't know evil or jealousy or discontent. To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring--it was peace" - Milan Kundera With love and deepest gratitude for your sweet companionship, The Schell Family (Craig, Janet Barry, Barry, Marc and Brooke, Kristen and Nick Cavallo, and Ryan)

In Memory of:

Dedicated by:
Robin Hodges

I fell in love with Minnie when she was just five weeks old. I never could have imagined the way this wiggly little black lab would change my life and touch my heart over the next six years.

It's hard to find the words to describe Minnie and how important she was in my life. She was one of the most energetic, rambunctious lab puppies you could imagine, finding great joy in chewing carpets, tearing holes in mattresses, and just generally giving me a run for my money. We shared so many wonderful times together: running in the canyon, meeting friends in the neighborhood, swimming at dog beach, riding in the desert, fishing with her 'grandpa', the list goes on and on. Through all of life's challenges, she was right by my side. My loyal companion, my fierce protector, and my best friend.

I find great comfort in the fact that she died doing what she loved, and in her last moments I was able to be with her, to tell her I loved her and thank her for all she gave me through the years. While our time together was much too short, her passing opened a place in my heart and my home for a beautiful new Lab Rescuers labbie named Moose. He brings a smile to my face and joy to my heart everyday!

In Memory of:

Dedicated by:
Charles Lingenfelter

They say the way to make God laugh is to make plans.

Last year I'd "planned" to get a Golden Retriever puppy. Well, God apparently had other plans. Through a series of seemingly unrelated events, my planned Golden Retriever puppy somehow morphed into a two year-old black Lab whom I adopted from Lab Rescuers on May 22, 2007.

Anybody who remembers the old TV series "Gunsmoke" might appreciate this: Lab Rescuers had named this goofy, loveable, black Lab Matt Dillon. Well, long before I ever met him I'd decided to name my next dog Chester. So when I brought him home, "Matt Dillon" suddenly became "Chester!" Go figure.

During our 13 months together, Chester was always active and healthy. We enjoyed each other's company a lot, and were almost never apart for more than one or two hours at a time. We both cherished our long walks every morning and every night, and we made friends with countless neighbors and other dogs during our many walks.

Out of nowhere on June 30, 2008, Chester suddenly developed a serious breathing problem which quickly worsened and became life threatening. On July 3, 2008 the surgeon called me with some bad news while Chester was under anesthesia on the operating table, and I made the difficult decision to have him euthanized while he was still unconscious. It was time to let him go peacefully.

So Chester completed his mission here and left on July 3, 2008--just five days ago as I’m writing this.

How am I handling it so far? Here's how I look at it. For over a year Chester and I were able to make lots of new human and canine friends, share with each other so much joy, love and laughter, long walks, lots of other goofy, fun stuff like dog parks, the dog beach, car rides and great food.

In all of that process, somehow both our lives were permanently transformed. Thank you God. And also thank you Lab Rescuers, especially Jennifer and Will K. and all you others out there who knew and helped Matt Dillon aka Chester somewhere along the way, and all you others out there who help so many other dogs each and everyday.

That Chester was really something.

In Memory of:

Dedicated by:

Sassy came into our lives just over 4 years ago when we took her for a walk at the shelter. She was an older dog with a hint of gray on her nose and paws, and bowed legs that made her entire tail and rear end swing from side to side when she walked. She touched our hearts the first second we saw her. She was our first daughter and will always be close to our heart. She has walked miles in our neighborhood and everybody knew her name. She was always waiting at the door to greet us and share her love. Even though it was shorter than we would have liked, the time we had together was priceless. She prepared us for parenthood and was truly "a blessing from above".

In Memory of:

Dedicated by:
Candace Chaffin,
Nan Cooper and Ari

Ivory was courage, love and spunk on paws. She was a people magnet and a playful girl. She jumped and played with her littermates big and small. I laughed watching Ivory chase through the grass, into the wadding pool, and back out. Ivory loved to chew shoelaces, pant cuffs, vertical drapes, and baseboards, most anything she could sink her sharp puppy teeth into. She loved to cuddle too. Snuggled into my lap, Ivory would fall asleep as I petted her while we watched TV. Ivory left me with a lesson of unbelievable courage in the face of adversity. She never gave up despite the fact she couldn’t see, and suffered from chronic digestive problems. Through her brief life, Ivory laughed, played and loved. There is a special place for dogs like her and one day I hope to be with her again in that special place free of pain and filled with love. She had a great home with Nancy Cooper. - Candace Chaffin

Ivory came to us when she was 5 months old. All the way home, I sang a little song I made up using her name in it; a kind of lullaby. She never forgot that song. She would come to me when I sang it to her. We never meant to adopt Ivory. We just settled in and then, when a family became interested in Ivory, well it was too late for us. We had fallen in love with her.

She had a special place in our hearts. She taught us so much about courage and trust. She was an amazing dog. You would have never guessed she was blind. She ran, jumped and played with her best friend, Tori. Their favorite game was hide and seek. Tori would hide and when Ivory was just about to discover her, Tori would jump out and they'd start running. She ran like the wind; never missing a turn or jump. She had many bouts with her disturbed tummy. We always managed to get her back on her feet. However, this last time was different.

What will Ari and I remember about our little girl? That she brought us much joy. She taught us we can work with whatever we're dealt if we have a positive attitude. She taught us about loyalty and love. She asked for so little, and gave us so much. The space she has reserved in our hearts will never be filled. She was just too special. Your mommies love you Ivory. - Nan Cooper and Ari

In Memory of:

Dedicated by:
Donna, Bob
and Ryan Coff

Sugg's landed at Lab Rescue with kennel cough, fly strike, and starving. They brought him back to life, and he was sent to live with a wonderful foster family, who cared for him a lot. He swam in their pool everyday, and played with their dogs. We adopted him 12-2-07, and he was the joy of our life. He loved his "forever home!" He swam in the lake, played and romped with two of his dog friends every morning, and slept with our son. He wouldn't leave our side for a minute. We lavished hugs and kisses on him every chance we got. He was eating it up!!! Our time was way too short with him. He tragically passed away on 1-2-08, with an intestinal blockage. He affected our lives forever, and we will never forget him. He was the most lovable dog we had ever owned ~ our SUGG'S.

In Memory of:

Dedicated by:
Lauren Dube
Dr. Enid Richey

Randi was a happy, beautiful 2 year old black female Labrador. Her owner took her to a shelter in San Bernardino in hopes that she would find a new forever home. No one adopted Randi and when she became available Labrador Rescuers went up to San Bernardino to rescue her. Due to an error in entering our hold into the computer our dear Randi was sent to the Rainbow Bridge just moments before we got there to save her. Randi is a constant reminder to us how important the work we do in rescue is. She will forever be in our hearts and memories. Godspeed Randi...hugs, Lauren and Enid.

In Memory of:

Dedication by:
Mikkel Hansen

Sam was a big strong good looking boy. We think he was somewhere between 5 and 7 years old when we first met him. Sam came to Labrador Rescuers from the Lake Elsinore Shelter. When I met him on a warm Saturday morning, he was just hanging out in his kennel, could not care less about all the noise, fuss and commotion. Sam was a complete gentleman in my car on the way from Lake Elsinore to El Cajon where he would be boarded for the first couple of days. As soon as Sam walked in to AMC's nice new lobby, he took it upon himself to "christen" their new facility. -Thankfully the staff reacted with a smile and took care of things quickly.

As time passed it became increasingly clear that Sam had severe behavioral problems. He was aggressive towards other dogs and showed aggressive tendencies towards humans too. After many consultations with trainers and behavioral experts, the hard decision was made to let Sam have his peace. It was now clear that Sam was potentially dangerous to both humans and other dogs.

Sam has left this world which had treated him so poorly and is now happy and free in a much better place.

Sam's story is a sad story and all too clearly shows that proper care for pets is not just a matter of food, water and shelter, it's also a matter of training, attention and devotion from the people who choose to take on the responsibility of living with pets.

Godspeed Sam, I will never forget you.

In Memory of:

Dedication by:
Rachel Sweigart

ZACK: November 11, 1990 - May 31, 2006

In his prime he ran 15 miles a week, was obsessed with fetching tennis balls, loved to swim (he jumped off a ferry once) and play and slept in my bed, My dad used to call him the "gentle giant" and he was.

Although he hasn't been able to do much physically for the past few years, he still ate and loved like a champ. He was lucky at the end of his life to have acquired a sibling, Casey and a father who loved him just as much as I did.

In Memory of:

Dedication by:
Jerry Simmons

Moose came to me through Lab Rescue via the Inland Animal Shelter less then two years ago. He was an old male Lab that was suffering from a bad case of Kennel Cough. I initially took him in as a foster but just fell in love with the old guy and couldn't let him go. Unfortunately, the time has come to let him go for good.

At 6:45 PM 4/28/06, Moose crossed Rainbow Bridge. Moose died peacefully in my arms without pain or suffering and with all the love and affection I could give him.

Despite his age (estimated to be 12-plus) and his illnesses when I adopted him, Moose gave us a great run. He rallied from his initial illness, had several great doggie adventures before he crossed over Rainbow Bridge this evening. Despite his age he was as faithful a dog any man could ask for and was always on his best behavior.

I will miss "The Old Guy" as I called him. I just wanted to thank all of you at Lab Rescue for giving me a life time of memories of great dog. Moose was the epitome of Lab Rescuers. He was sick, lame and lazy when he was found. Then he rallied for a last hu-rah and gave me almost two good years.

The attached photo is from the day he was found at Inland Animal Shelter.

In Memory of:
Chase and Vegas

Dedication by:
Jami Lopez

Vegas (chocolate) and Chase (yellow) were my best friends and constant companions for the last 12 and 10 years. They were my source of love and support through so many changes in my life. Having gotten them while I was in college, they saw me through beginnings and ends of relationships, cross country moves, career changes, marriage, and the birth of my 1 year old son. In their early years they were so demanding and so much work!! I centered my life around them, where to live, the car I drove, finding the best hikes, lakes and parks. As older dogs, they were both amazing friends who were so easy to be with. I would look into their eyes and see so much love, I used to think I would die when they left me.

Now every time I see the face of an older lab my heart melts. I lost both of my boys this past November, Vegas at age 12 to a tick infection, and Chase at age 10 to cancer. I am devastated by their deaths and my life feels empty without them. I started fostering with Labrador Rescuers to fill the void they left behind and I hope that I can make a difference in the lives of many labs in their memory.

In Memory of:
Edna B.

Dedication by:
Sue & Mike Frounfelter

Edna's zest for life and new experiences made her an absolute treasure. She fiercely protected her family and loved them with as much passion. A spirit-lifter and comforter in times of need, her strength and grace made her shine. Her mommy called her Beanie - AKA Beanie Baby - because Edna loved to cuddle. She could melt against you into any position. She could smell a kitty a mile away and never hurt another soul her entire life.

Edna taught her daddy the true meaning of unconditional love and was her mommy's kindred spirit. She was the best mom/sister/friend a certain chocolate lab ever had. Edna forever changed the lives of those honored enough to have known her, and she will always be close to our hearts.

In Memory of:

Dedication by:
Michelle Ray
Labrador Rescuers President

Some of you already know this, but I lost my dear sweet black Lab, Destiny on Wednesday. She was a rescue that I had been fostering almost 3 years ago for SCLRR. When she was pulled from the shelter by Stephanie Empson, she was in very sad shape. She had almost no hair at all, she was emaciated and had lost the will to even eat. I took her in and nursed her back to health. I saw a sad, beaten down dog, probably 8 years old, not spayed, who had probably had numerous litters of pups. She had been found as a stray near a freeway down in Chula Vista. She did not know how to wag her tail, she did not play and if you tried to hug her she would drop to the ground. After 4 months of helping her to heal, I could not let her go and she became a part of our family. We already had 2 dogs, so Destiny made 3.We watched her blossom into a happy dog who played, enjoyed dog beach, loved to go for car rides and walks and was just content to be.

This is what she taught me:. That even when you think you can't go on, a loving heart can heal your soul. When you have been through sadness and difficulty, you learn to appreciate the little things life brings you. That life is a gift. I just want to thank Destiny for what she brought to me. This is why I rescue Labradors. The gift they bring is precious and sweet. When they leave us, a great empty space opens in our hearts, waiting until we can receive another gift, another soul to help us heal. This is in thanks to all the wonderful dogs we have had the privilege of sharing our lives with.
In Memory of:

Dedication by:
Pat Kreutzer

My very special Sigh dog, chosen and brought home as a surprise by my hubby. She soon became my constant companion and walking buddy. Sigh belonged to us, the Kreutzer family, but the whole neighborhood loved her. Sigh's antics as puppy, (jumping in the bathtub when I bathed the kids, swallowing my gold necklace) and as a young dog, (barking along to music, dancing with my daughter) will never be forgotten. But I think she was most precious in her later years. There is something special about an older lab; they are just so darn sweet. Stricken with cancer at ten years old and given only three weeks to live after her surgery, she gave us eight more months of companionship.

But then that day came. She looked at me the way a dog does and I knew it was Sigh's last day with us. To the very end, she wanted to please us, her family. Being true to her breed, she managed to wag her tail for each one of us as we said our good-byes to her. What a special girl she was!

Sigh is what brought me to Lab Rescue. I wasn't ready to love another dog, but I missed Sigh's companionship. I decided to volunteer with Lab Rescue.

It still amazes me how something as sad as Sigh's death could bring me to a place where I'd meet some of the most incredible people I've ever known. Everyday, the compassion and dedication of this group of people helps renew my faith in humankind. We've adopted two rescue dogs, (the perfect) Chamois and puppy Emma, they are sweet and lovable and make me smile everyday!

Thank you for letting me share Sigh's story and how I feel about Labrador Rescuers.

In Memory of:

Dedication by:
Labrador Rescuers

Lorenzo will be remembered fondly by Labrador Rescuers. Volunteers Pat and Cheri originally pulled Lorenzo from the central shelter (Cheri evaluated and Pat transported). He made a quite an impression on Pat because having been at the shelter for such a long time, when she took him out of the car at his new foster home, he just looked and gazed at the outdoors like he was seeing it for the first time in his was very sweet, she'll never forget it.

Lorenzo found a new foster home with Penny P, who promptly nicknamed him "Lozo." He instantly began to "rule the roost." Penny took him to several adoption events, and while he received much attention, he was passed up in favor of much younger dogs. A few weeks before a promising adoption event exclusively for older dogs (Senior Mutt Match), he was diagnosed with cancer. While his fate was clear, Penny wanted to ensure the remainder of his life was filled with play and pampering. Lozo took great pleasure getting brushed every evening and especially enjoyed his wash and blow dry at the groomer's every few weeks. He learned that taking an occasional dip in the pool would cool him off during the hot summer days, and loved all the new play friends and foster siblings he made. Several foster puppies learned some valuable lessons from this fellow, things only a wise old dog can teach (including one LR pup named Sammie). These pups will grow to be good canine citizens because of the small role Lozo played in their life. This wouldn't have been possible if Lab Rescuers didn?t play a role in his life. Lorenzo's story serves to remind us at Lab Rescuers why we are here, and exactly what we are doing. He was sassy, feisty, tender and giving until his last day. This very special boy will be missed.

In Memory of:

Dedication by:
Labrador Rescuers (Cheri)

This is Casey, a 2-3 year old yellow lab whose story is a sad one.  Labrador Rescuers lost Casey as a result of complications from kennel cough just a few days after he came to us .  Kennel cough is a highly contagious disease similar to a cold or the flu in humans.  It is preventable if dogs are regularly vaccinated for bordatella.

We found Casey in the South County Animal Shelter where we suspect he was exposed to kennel cough. Unfortunately, Casey's vaccinations were not up to date and dogs in our shelters are not vaccinated until they leave the shelter. If a dog's vaccinations are not current when he arrives, he is susceptible to canine diseases including distemper, parvo and kennel cough.  In most cases kennel cough is not fatal.  Casey's body, however, did not have time to fight the germs he was exposed to.

We at Labrador Rescuers hope Casey's story will serve as reminder that vaccinations are an inexpensive and easy way to save a life. If you or someone you know needs information on what vaccinations your pet needs, please contact your local vet. Your local animal shelter can also usually advise you on low-cost shot clinics as well.

In Memory of:

Dedication by:
Labrador Rescuers (Cheri)

Odys will always hold a very special place in my heart and the hearts of Labrador Rescuers volunteers. Odys was turned into the Central Shelter by his owners because of military deployment. I found him to be irresistible; he was the gentlest soul that I had ever had the pleasure of meeting. He was everything that people look for in a Lab: friendly, sweet, loving, obedient and playful.

Odys was adopted but unfortunately a tragic accident occurred. Somehow a gate was opened and he wandered out of their backyard. He was hit and killed by a car.

We at Labrador Rescuers hope that Odys' story will serve as an important reminder how quickly accidents can and do happen. We suggest an accliamtion period of 7-14 days for the Labs to adjust to their new environment. We also strongly encourage owners to crate train their Labs. It provides a very safe alternative to backyards and other hazardous situations. Please don't let this tradgedy happen to another Lab.

In Memory of:
Anna Banana
(aka Emma Belle)

Dedication by:
Janet Pesane (Anna's Foster Mom)

This is Anna Banana (later known as Emma Belle). We found Anna B. at age 13 at South Shelter- not doing too well. She was very frail and listless. From what we learned at the shelter about her history, she had lived a hard life. She had been abandoned by her first owner and neglected at her second home.

LR rescued Anna from euthanasia in early January 2005. She was soon diagnosed with an irreversible kidney disorder resulting from a long standing infection that been left untreated. Anna had been with us for almost a month when we got a call from a family that had fallen in love with her just after seeing her picture on our webpage. She was adopted in February 2005 and was renamed “Emma Belle”. She could not have found a more loving home to rest her head.

Between her foster home and new family, Emma (Anna) was treated no less than a queen. You could see the happiness and graciousness in her eyes for the long awaited love, warmth, and comfort she was receiving from us all.

The day came when Emma (Anna) stopped eating her favorite things (like toast with peanut butter or chicken and rice). As grateful as she was for her new life, she knew it was time for her to go. Emma (Anna) passed on 14 March 2005 surrounded by people who loved and cared for her.

Although our time with Emma (Anna) was short, LR made it possible for her final days to be happy and comfortable- just what she deserved all along.

In Memory of:
Lady Cheyenne (Yellow Lab)

Dedication by:
Ron, Bonny and the Couch Potato Gang

She danced into my heart and life a few years back from the SCLRR. She was 11 then and came with arthritis and hip dysplasha. There aren't
enough words to describe the LOVE she has given to us.  There is so much to be said for adopting a older dog.  She spent most of her time on her bed as in the picture.  She was the perfect companion for us. She danced her way into our family with grace and a ability to be there when ever you needed her.  She is with her companion in the photo, who is still looking for her friend to this day.

Lady Cheyenne was the perfect dog she never complained about her disabilities, she just kept putting out unlimited amounts of love and companionship. You never know what it is like until you adopt one of the needy seniors. They have so much to offer that you would miss without them.  For any one who had thought of adopting a senior and then changed their minds let me tell you that what you get from them is much more than what you put out. There are so many senior dogs out there that NEED a good home and if you open your heart and home to them they will give you everything and more to fill up your heart and home.

Last but not least Lady Cheyenne was helped to the Bridge June 15 and she now dances in the fields and meadows at the Bridge with all the other fur babies. She will be missed.
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