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Lifeboat Labs

This page is dedicated to Labrador Retrievers in need of a "Lifeboat." The dogs pictured here need your donations for help with surgery, medications or other medical ailments. Labrador Rescuers is a grass roots organization run by dedicated and caring volunteers. We count on generous people like you to send a Lifeboat to these wonderful companions of ours who just need a second chance at life. Won't you help us send a Lifeboat to one of the dogs pictured on this page?


Another wonderful save by one of our intake volunteers, after hearing about a sweet old yellow boy, who wound up at one of the scariest shelters around. No one else took a second look. We rescued him on our first look; no second look necessary. We were aware that he was very slow to get up, but there's always hope that with good food, meds, and a soft comfortable place to rest, these seniors might improve and get to live a longer life, being loved and cherished, safe and warm, as they should be.

Jagger is a 'super' sweet dog. He's what we call bombproof, meaning he doesn't have a mean bone in his body. He's all sweetness. Jagger wants to be near his person. It's difficult for him to get up and down, due to leg problems and neuropathy, but he loves to follow his person around, so he tries really hard to tag along. He's hanging in there, and you know what .... so are we!

If you'd like to contribute towards Jagger's care, your donation will be greatly appreciated. With your help, we can rescue more sweet old seniors, who wind up at the scary shelter, through no fault of their own, instead of being treated with the dignity and love they so deserve at the end of their lives.

Thank you for any contribution you can make.


In December 2016 we took in Buddy from a Inland Valley shelter, at the time he was listed as 14 years old. He was dumped by his owners at the shelter we guess they did not want him anymore. Buddy was placed in one of our fantastic foster homes, and now lives very happily, with 2 other dogs and 4 young kids, everyone in the home totally adores him. At over 14 years Buddy was deemed unadoptable and his foster family was more than willing to keep him with them, he will be loved and adored for the rest of his life.

Nani and Dory

Nani and her sister Dory were relinquished to Lab Rescuers on November 23, 2015. Their owners were relocating due to health issues and were no longer able to care for them. As with all Lab Rescue labs they were both taken to on of our vet partners for a full examination. Sadly we found that Nani has a spindle cell mass tumor on her left lower leg. She had radiation treatment in hopes that it would reduce the size, but unfortunately it hasn't shrunk. Nani will continue with palliative treatments to keep her comfortable until the sad day arrives. Since these two sisters are bonded, Dory will remain with Nani in a loving foster home throughout the rest of Nani's life.


Guinness was on the euthanasia list in January 2015 when he was rescued out of an Orange County shelter. When Guinness came to Labrador Rescuers we discovered he had some nerve damage in his lower spinal area that caused incontinence and an inability to wag his tail. A few months later Guinness underwent surgery to alleviate the pressure on several nerves in his spine. The surgery helped and after four months, Guinness could wag his tail like a normal dog and his incontinence improved slightly. Guinness has Spondylosis of the spine and arthritis.

Guinness is very mellow, easy going and gets along with all dogs and cats. Guinness enjoys short walks, being with his foster parents, going for car rides and fetching any of his toys for a brief period. Guinness takes Proin twice a day for his incontinence and Vetprofin as needed for arthritis. When Guinness sleeps, he wears a belly band to assist with any incontinent issues. Guinness has been living with his foster family for over a year and will remain in their care where he is cherished and loved.


Moe was left at the shelter at the age of around 11 years old. He is a sweet, gentle boy who has lost most of his teeth and has very bad arthritis, but it is managed through medication and he still loves to go for short walks. He loves kids of all ages and loves walking through the neighborhood and getting hugs from little toddlers and anyone in general. He also loves to go for car rides and basically just wants to be wherever his people are. He is a fixture at his Human sisterís soccer games and thinks he is part of the team as he lays next to the bench during games. He has been in his foster home for over a year now and has been difficult to find an adoptive family due to his advanced age. Please consider sponsoring this sweet boy who wants nothing but love.

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