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Saturday, March 7th
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM


3994-A Clairemont Mesa Blvd
San Diego, CA 92117


Do you have old cell phones? Empty ink and/or toner cartridges that need recycling?
Bring them to the event and we'll turn them into cash for the Labs!

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Sweet Kai was hit by a car while out running with his owner. He was surrendered to Lab Rescuers due to the high medical costs required to save him.

Upon Kai’s accident, X-rays were taken along with an MRI, which came back positive for megaesophagus. Megaesophagus is a condition in which the muscles of the esophagus lose their tone and are no longer able propel food into the stomach.

Dogs with M.E. must be fed with their head higher than their body thus using gravity to get the food to travel down to their stomach so digestion can take place. The most popular way to do this is with a Bailey Chair.

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Eve and Sarah are San Diego eighth graders who met in first grade and have been best friends ever since. Among the many things they share is their love of dogs. Eve's first dog, Mocha, came to her from Lab Rescuers when she was just two and a half. Since then, Eve and her family have adopted two more beautiful labs; Shayna, now seven, and Ginger, who is four. Over the years, Eve's family has maintained close ties to Lab Rescuers, with her brothers each donating a portion of their Bar Mitzvah money to Lab Rescuers. Wanting to contribute in a different way, Eve and Sarah created Bags for Labs. Each bag features a picture of either Ginger, Shayna, or Mocha, representing the three main colors in the Labrador rainbow. With your contribution, Lab Rescuers can continue to help dogs just like them.

To order one of these beautiful bags with a donation, send an email to

Bags will also be available at Adoption Events. Orders are now being taken for custom-made bags.

Foster Families Needed

Become a Foster and Save a Life!
Share your Home and Your Heart
with a Lab in Need
These amazing animals are sitting in shelters and boarding facilities waiting for a foster home and without Foster Families they are at risk.
You too can help and Feel Great Saving a Lab by Fostering them and providing the support, training, and love they need to find their forever family.
Contact us now at 619-819-0234,, or click here to learn more...


Markie is very special both in personality and needs. This little guy has been blind since birth and can only see a few faint shadows, but this doesn't stop him from being happy and enjoying life. He uses his nose beautifully to navigate and he has strong senses to compensate for his vision loss. Sadly, Markie needs to have some surgeries, and we're in the process of getting them completed. The costs will run as high as $5000, so we're asking for donations so we can get these procedures taken care of asap. He's such a young guy and is so sweet, cute and very happy - we want him to be pain-free so he can live a happy life. Won't you please make a donation to this special little boy?

Read more about Markie and follow his progress

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